The New Ford Fusion and the Smart Features it Offers

When you are searching for a new midsize sedan packed with countless smart features, you should take a closer look at the all-new Ford Fusion.

If you are driving the new Ford Fusion and it begins to drift out of the lane, the Lane-Keeping System springs into action. Similar to driving over a rumble strip on the road, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate until the driver takes corrective action to get the vehicle back in between the lane lines.

The new Ford Fusion also has the Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection helping to keep you and others safer. Warning flashes on the windshield alert the driver something is in the way, and if you don't take action, the brakes increase brake-assist sensitivity to help slow down your vehicle in time to avoid a collision.

Visit Vista Woodland Hills and get the new Ford Fusion out for a test drive today.



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