Technology Features Packed in the All-New Ford Taurus

The all-new Ford Taurus full-size sedan is turning heads again this year. The technology features in the vehicle are something every driver will certainly appreciate.

It can be difficult at high speeds on the highway to make a lane change. The Taurus comes with the Blind Spot Information System that is monitoring those blind spots and alerting you if a car is too close. Once you get the alert, you can pause until clear before making the change of lanes safely.

Staying in your car lanes is even easier with the new Taurus thanks to the Lane-Keeping System. If your vehicle begins to drift over the lane lines, the steering wheel will start vibrating so the driver quickly has the ability to take action to get the car back in between the lines. If you want to see more, come to Vista Woodland Hills and take the Taurus out for a test drive.



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