Has Your Transfer Case Been Slipping Lately?

If you've been noticing your all-wheel drive vehicle slipping in and out of AWD, it may be time to have its transfer case checked. That's especially true if it's transfer case lubricant hasn't been replaced with fresh fluid when it should be.

Your vehicle's transfer case acts as the transmission for switching between AWD and FWD. It transfers the engine's drive between the front and rear axles and handles the transition. Like the transmission, neglecting its lubricating fluid can cause it's moving parts to suffer premature wear and cause the vehicle slip in and out of AWD. That's why it's important to have the transfer case serviced periodically.

Our knowledgeable service technicians here at Vista Woodland Hills are ready to give your car's transfer case a thorough inspection and servicing. Stop by and schedule an appointment today at our location in Woodland Hills, CA.

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