Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe While Towing

Take the time to prepare now for towing anything behind your vehicle to avoid serious issues on the highway. These tips can all be performed right in your driveway.

Be sure that you balance the towed vehicle correctly. Too much weight on one side could result in trouble. Check that your mirrors are able to see all the way around and behind the towed vehicle. Adjust the mirrors now before getting out on the road with the towed vehicle behind you.

Have someone stand behind the trailer and check to see if the brake lights are all working. Check the directional lights too. Check the rating of the hitch that you are using is capable of supporting the load that you plan to too. If it is not rated high enough, it could snap off.These towing safety tips are provided by Vista Woodland Hills to help make your next trip safer. Come by our auto parts and service shop in Woodland Hills, CA to get ready for your next adventure.

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